TeleTel Advanced Technologies team draws from the experience of the top research and development teams, subject matter experts and qualified engineering teams in the world. 

We maintain our global reach through the vast partnerships we have worked hard to establish. TeleTel Advanced Technologies brings equipment, people, and innovation together in one place. We will be the only phone call you will have to make.

Our technologies uses new materials with novel characteristics, such as new semiconductors, crystals, polymers, reagents and other recently developed materials. The most advanced of all components off the shelf and off the drawing board. The configurations of technology, like the imagination of our clients are unlimited in their use.


TeleTel Advanced Technologies
P.O. Box 61128
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Office +971 2 555 7297
Fax    +971  2 555 7211

TeleTel Advanced Technologies
P.O. Box 15877
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Office +971 3 721 8414
Fax    +971 3 721 8415

TeleTel, Inc. USA
4600 Touchton Road
Building 100 Suite 150
Jacksonville, Florida 32246

Office +1 904.296.9500
Fax    +1 904.296.9555